discover your reinvention skills

make it your life project

develop self-discipline and be present in the process

you will develop your will power

get motivated and be in focus

creativity and innovation

think and act in a creative way, your reinvention journey will be a life changing adventure

daily tasks

create a routine and habits of reinvention

Choose the perfect plan

Frequently asked questions

Motivational Speaker, Business Coach, i developed a system of reinvention that can be implemented in life and business.

to help you get started in your new way of life

Our clients say

Lior has great ideas, creative action plan that will improve my way of thinking"
Lior Tal has a great approach for getting results in business. he has creative ideas and he helped me to execute them.
Barrak Halevi
thanks for your lecture, you gave us a lot of tips how to do what we really want to do.
i was in Lior Tal's lecture: how to reinvent yourself. it was an hour of life changing event, i learned that i must take action right now, thank you Lior